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Sci-fi author. Jazz aficionado, an all-around enjoyer of peace, quiet, beauty, and contemplation.

If all has to be considered…

It hit me a few minutes ago, as I wrapped up my workday and got my stuff together to go to my second job (yes, I work two jobs; most of you have known this already), that so far, I’ve … Continue reading

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And this, ladies and gents, pisses me off.

Jazz is tied with classical as the least popular genre in the US. The sound you hear is my rising blood pressure, but I truly wish I could say anything but that this is not news to me. Classical music … Continue reading

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I’ve been saying this for YEARS!

Daily Kos: Five Reasons Not To Use a Tax Prep Service Y’all know what I mean. H&R Block. Jackson-Hewitt. So on, so forth. Stop using those. Look, guys. This is now the 8th year I work in tax accounting. I am working … Continue reading

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Coming Back to Berks

It’s funny how memory works, and it’s even more interesting how circumstance plays into that memory. One of the first music-related entries on this blog, way back in 2010, when I was still getting my music-business feet wet, one of … Continue reading

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Fifty Shades of Give me a fucking BREAK.

So yeah, Fifty Shades is now in the theaters. WHY this has been made into a movie, I will never understand. Really, does no one see the very obvious problems with the entire thing? Nowhere does Ana Steele actually, actively consent to … Continue reading

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A little bit of good news.

I would definitely like to post some sort of Good News after the brouhaha with the prior. And the good news du jour is that NYC is, once again, the place to be for music. First gig off the top … Continue reading

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Follow-up to Maxwell & the Seven Seas

ETA: Since the original draft of this post, some people did succeed in getting refunds via dispute filing. That is encouraging news. As usual, standard disclaimer for this being only and strictly my opinion. —- There have been several phone calls made … Continue reading

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