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Sci-fi author. Jazz aficionado, an all-around enjoyer of peace, quiet, beauty, and contemplation.

New Orleans “Jazz” Fest proves my point.

By putting Lady Gaga and Elton John as headliners. You know, after Lady Gaga worked with Tony Bennett, I could see it working. The girl can sing any-damn-thing, and if you hear her and Tony do Anything Goes, you’re likely to … Continue reading

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Money 101 For the College Grad Paying Loans

I know it’s a little bit of an odd title, but it occurred to me that, really, my peers need all the help in the finance department that they can get. I won’t kill the time waxing ranty about how … Continue reading

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New Artists – NOW!

I think this post has been a long time in the making, and in advance, I apologize for any profanity. Sorry but, as ever, not sorry, because someone really needs to say this. I am growing more than a little bit … Continue reading

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For Jeff. For Us.

Now I’m home. It’s a new year, and I’m waking up and thinking that if this is the way the year started, then it’s twice as important to make it count. It’s still difficult to believe. Still tough to absorb … Continue reading

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In Memoriam: Jeff Golub

This is not the way anyone in the Jazz world thought that the New Year would begin. I’m sitting here in Tucson Int’l Airport and it’s taking me a lot of strength to keep it together. I knew he was … Continue reading

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A look behind, a look ahead.

Another year coming to a close. Now’s the time that I generally sit down and just do a reflection post, talk about what happened this year, and I find myself unsure of what starting point to pick. There’s been a lot … Continue reading

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Once bitten, twice shy?

Once again, on request of Ace Livingston. What do you do if your ex comes back into your life and asks if you can “try again”? I’m sure you’ve had this once in a blue moon, or thought that you … Continue reading

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