Changes, changes…

Upon discussion with Gayle, Book 2 will not even be a point of concern until at least October, if even that.

Time-wise, neither of us have the capacity to hash the entire thing piece-by-piece. Much as I would love to release the story in rapid succession, realistically, it does not work. That and what with my day job, I’m going to be kept much busier than now. I got lucky on the account of Book 1.

I also got in touch with the wonderful Jenna for some more artwork. This will be the website for the series, as far as I’m concerned, and I like the idea of having the related images up. That and prints. I’m kind of taking an example from Aeire (Queen of Wands and Punch an’ Pie webcomics) as far as making select prints available for sale. It’s a ways different for webcomics, but I’m sure you gather what I mean.

My coworker, also an author in her own right, had done a read-through of the book and to the best she can tell me, it’s bearing no errors. This gives me a lot of hope, at least as far as my own editing is concerned, but if an impartial eye gives me an all-clear, that is a load off my shoulders. And if it does run clean…well, then I’m well within deadline, eh?

And that, really, is excellent.



Glory be, I finally have a new keyboard for my lovely machine.

It was a along time coming; I owned the comp for a fair few years and it was the same keyboard. I had no issues using it, for the most part, until I noticed that I couldn’t use the arrow keys much or type certain things. In other words, I wore it out.

LOL. Won’t be the first time, especially considering that my laptop is on its second keyboard already and that too needs replacing. I don’t look forward to rewiring that thing, nor do I look forward very much to having to do any sort of maintenance on my Mac laptop (needs a new keyboard too, ironically…)

This keyboard I actually really like. I hope I can hammer out more of my stuff without feeling like it’s going to break any second. I type at well over 80 wpm.

But that’s just base minutiae.

I’m waiting on the most recently ordered proof. I’ve long ceased addressing it as the Last Proof because every damn time I try and think that hey, after this I will be done, I am distinctly proved wrong. I can only hope that my eye, what with its tendency to focus on all things erroneous, had caught whatever needed to be caught.

With Book 2, Gayle – it’s all yours, babe. You tell me where and what, I’ll work my magic (ha!) from there.

Book 3 had taken a very slight hiatus – knowing me, no more than 48 hours, if all’s well at work – if only to give my mind a rest. I have a plot wrap-up/carryover in mind, but there is going to be a serious need for reworking. That and the plotline for Book 4. I need a scene-by-scene map now; I think I figured out what works best.

Note: I’ve written without an outline only once – and that was Book 1. That bit me in the arse after the fact, if only because I’ve edited it almost nonstop for 3 years. Book 2 had an outline – and I like the plot I whittled out on that one – but the style and syntax is raw. Book 3, also outlined, I think needs minimal editing.

….really should get out of the habit of using oxymorons…


Good writing tip: always let your work sit for a while before you look at it again.

I started reading Book 2 (and stopped per my awesome editor) and now realize that a lot of it bears rewriting…and just like Book 1, it’s the first 8-9 chapters that need to be redone. Know how long it’s been since I even saw Book 2 for any reason other than referencing? About a year.

Fresh eyes really do make for improvement. But I’ll let my editor field this one.

So yes, one more proof. The thing is, last proof I did up was notably improved far as error-tracking (watch me say in about a week that I found more mistakes – Gayle, if you’re reading this, the ‘I told you so’ is yours!). But per 300-some pages, to find only about 18 errors? That is a marked improvement.

Also, unrelated, but many thanks to M.M. for the evil bunny postcards. Those just rock. :)

Back on topic of writing – I finally got on a roll with Book 3. I did futz around a little when it came to plot tie-ins, but then the idea turned out to be staring me in the face. Gotta love it. That and there’s also the challenge of coming up with misadventures for my two characters. But that too can be evolved.

So, next week it’s one more proof and then…well, corrections? Or approval? Who knows by now?

If you notice, I’ve also added a link to my store on CreateSpace. I will add the Amazon link once the title becomes available.



Crisis averted

Note to self: upon pain of today’s experience, always back up the book files.

Long story short, Word spazzed on me, crashing twice and nearly causing me to lose Book 3. The last time I backed up Book 3 was about a chapter ago.

…I know. I can get scattered in a minute and since I freelance in things technological, I have no excuse.

No, it wasn’t lost. My nerves, however, are flambe.

Proof #…oh, whatever.

This isn’t so bad, actually, editing-wise.

My main issues, what with the plot twists, have been ironed out, whew.

The run-ons I’m leaving to a degree, stylistically. This may be subject to change, but the more I hem and haw about my possible ‘rephrase this’ notations, the more I think that it sounds okay as it is.

The grammar gaps are getting very, very easy to spot and that is a big, big relief for me. Something about editing hundreds of pages kinda sorta crosses eyeballs…

I will say this here, this is the most rewarding thing I’ve had so far. I’ve spent months writing and years editing and prepping this to publish. Each proof I get is better, each correction I make is something that drives home the simple point: I’ve accomplished this.

I also decided to set an availability deadline. I don’t know what to set it, especially if I think about the work this will involve. I’m fully anticipating two more correction sessions at the minimum and it takes me at least a week to thoroughly review it, and this is with my day job (gotta love caffeine overloads!). I’d estimate it to be August by the time I’m happy with it.

Middle of August it is then. August 15th.

And if I will not have it ready by then, then I best have a damn good reason for this.


Proof is shipped via reg mail, which means I cannot track it. Drat. Should be here soon; I have a rather maddening urge to get this thing done and available. Of course, I’ll link everything through here.

I have to give some extra thanks to Karly and Candice, both recipients of my prior proofs. Apologies for inconsistencies, yet again! but thank you much for giving it the neutral once-over. I owe you two.

On Inspiration

While in conversation with a friend of mine, she asked me, “What gets you inspired?”

The answer is this: Random, utterly random things.

One of the beautiful things about living in New York is that there is no shortage of things to do. There is always a music show to see, a new restaurant to explore, a new view, etc. You get the idea.

Now, I don’t always have the chance to do some of the more extravagant things around the city. Often, I like to walk around, not necessarily doing much besides picking up a coffee and just observe the life milling around me.

That or hunker into a dark little cafe, bar or jazz club and listen to what they’re playing in there. I have no specific music preferences; I can listen to anything from Chopin to Coldplay but tend to gravitate towards instrumental music overall. So I just sit, sip, maybe order some munchies, and listen. Usually I bring a notepad and when I hear something particular, I just start writing. I don’t know what I will write until I will put pen to paper.

Yes, this means that I wrote a lot of it in longhand. Exhausting, but it works, because when you’re in a writer’s-block and come back to old notes, the block’s gone.

At other times, I just read history books. It’s an odd thing, but I find that nothing inspires a futuristic-style story better than events of the past.

No two people get inspired alike, though. So your mileage may vary.


Not-so-Final Proof

The thing about being a perfectionist and an author is…

…nothing is ever “complete.”

That thing I said before, no corrections needed? I eat those words.

Damn, though, good thing I read over the last proof. I noticed some things that I couldn’t leave without changing. Stylistic run-ons are one thing but plot inconsistency? Quite another.

Not for nothing, though, this is why 1. I drink more coffee than the average person and 2. I have a kick-ass editor.

I won’t order up the next proof just yet. I want to have a nice critical read-thru of this draft and if this is good enough – BIG ONE here, because to me, good enough means beyond reproach – then and only then will this be available for sale.

And then…we shall see. I find this very strange and interesting, the self-pub process. I mean, yes, I’m in the literary agent capital of the country, but I am telling you, it takes a herculean feat to land an agent these days. Self-pubbing to me is something that keeps me more or less ‘in control’ of this entire process – and this is a seriously chaotic thing.

So yes, please bear with me.
As an aside, I really ought to remember HTML. I want to do an actual website for this entire thing when it comes out.