Proof #…oh, whatever.

This isn’t so bad, actually, editing-wise.

My main issues, what with the plot twists, have been ironed out, whew.

The run-ons I’m leaving to a degree, stylistically. This may be subject to change, but the more I hem and haw about my possible ‘rephrase this’ notations, the more I think that it sounds okay as it is.

The grammar gaps are getting very, very easy to spot and that is a big, big relief for me. Something about editing hundreds of pages kinda sorta crosses eyeballs…

I will say this here, this is the most rewarding thing I’ve had so far. I’ve spent months writing and years editing and prepping this to publish. Each proof I get is better, each correction I make is something that drives home the simple point: I’ve accomplished this.

I also decided to set an availability deadline. I don’t know what to set it, especially if I think about the work this will involve. I’m fully anticipating two more correction sessions at the minimum and it takes me at least a week to thoroughly review it, and this is with my day job (gotta love caffeine overloads!). I’d estimate it to be August by the time I’m happy with it.

Middle of August it is then. August 15th.

And if I will not have it ready by then, then I best have a damn good reason for this.