This may perhaps be me commiting harakiri of the brain by doing this, but it is official that the deadline before clicking “approve” on the proof will hereby be August 15th.

Which means, ladies and gents, that this nitpicking has to get going fast.

Not that I didn’t get it going before; I had gone halfway through the proof so far. I know how many times I’ve been here before, thinking ‘this one’s going to be it’ – and I have to do it as many times as I can within the course of the next few days if I want to ensure that I have my Ts crossed, so to speak. And it’s a good thing that I’m going through this again; I would rather have edited this thing to death than let it go out without any editing done on it whatsoever.

So far, I’m up to the tail end of Chapter 8 in this. That’s actually the entire ‘trouble zone’ of the book; wherein I misphrase, mis-word and tend to go off the chapter topic. It’s not noticeable, but if you’re going to read and try to see consistency…yeah.

So yes, here we go. Hell, it’ll be just like college again! No sleep, a ton of work to balance with day-to-day activities and the payoff, aside from seeing the fruits of your labors, is getting to lay down and have a nice old fashioned sleep.

Hello, midnight oil!