I must give some serious kudos to my dear & beloved MM for pointing out that last, rogue pronoun error that I missed.  Thank you, sweets. Say hi to Fuzzbaby for me.

The grand edit of doom is finished. As of right now, the only issues I may have are stylistic, and those I leave as is. The self-imposed “to click Approve” deadline is Saturday of next week. Proof has been ordered, once again. Rush delivery. I expect it by Monday.

Excited? Oh hell yes.

I’ve gotten a couple of friends asking me the same question: does being this-close-to-publishing feel any different than when you got the very first proof?

You know, that’s a good one.

Truth be told, it is different. When I got the very first proof, right around my birthday, it was a proof not so much in the ‘test copy’ way, but proof that yes, I did this. I dreamt of being an author since I first learned to read. For years, I’ve toyed with concepts, plots and characters, trying to find the one that felt like it could turn out to be something good. So when I got that first book-proof, it was an odd moment, like the book was saying, “Hey – it happened. You found that plot. You wrote it. You corrected it. You created this.” Exciting? You have no freakin’ idea.

Now that it’s this close to release, it’s more in the realm of “how will this go over?” – nerves as well as the same excitement as above. While I wrote the series more to get the story out of my head (if there’s any authors reading this, even poets, you know exactly what I mean when I use the word headworm: it’s like an idea wormed its way into your mind and you have to, absolutely must get it out), when I actually tinkered with it, ran it by people, etc. I realized that there may be people out there, not within my friend circle, that want to read something like this. There’s also the matter that fantasy stories are largely hit-and-miss, so while I’m excited in the respect that I’ve written my first book and am going to put it out there, I’m also a bit apprehensive, because it feels like I’m going into this blind.

As far as release is concerned, I try not to speculate on things after the fact. It’ll be available through my CreateSpace store and Amazon; if anything happens from there, I’ll take things as they go. There are other things to consider, at least as far as bookstore sales go: do I provide sample copies and see how they sell? Or do I direct them to CreateSpace to purchase in bulk? It’s a matter of direction, mostly, and for self-publishers, the process is a bit different.

Far as I’m concerned, I will be doing a lot of research.


In somewhat related news, NaNoWriMo is coming up again in just two months. Holy crap, where did the time go?! I’m still tinkering with the leftover plot of Book 3, because apparently I’m blocked-up on writing the last chapter and epilogue. I didn’t even begin to map out the plotlines for Book 4!

Yes, I know I can just “sit this one out” and take it up again next year, but where’s the fun in that? :)

As my friend put it, very succintly, “Hate to tell you, but there’s no finish line!” – too right, you are. But I don’t mind; such is the nature of the beast.

So. Nose, grindstone – go! Book 3 will finish up – or bust.


PS: All of a sudden, I’m seeing my hits nearly doubled. Wowza. And welcome, new readers!

Minor ETA: Apparently, my lack of attention span makes for more crossed eyes. Make that two pending proofs – still within deadline. The only issue I have is CreateSpace is now taking its sweet and lovely time approving it, which is driving me nuts. Patience and I aren’t exactly what you call compatible.

Either way, MM – I owe you one for this.