Kindle edition

I’m tinkering to make the book also available in Kindle format. Less expensive for my consumers, and another avenue.

Lots, lots to do….

The thing is, I can’t use the same PDF for Kindle edition as I used for the book version. Granted, I would stay with the font and layout, but apparently the indent makes things a little…weird. Best bet is actually to HTML the thing.

Hey, if it works…

…but it still whacks out the formatting.


UPDATE: the Word file is the safest way to preserve formatting. It does, however, insert a whole lot of blank pages, but at this point, I am not one to be picky.

UPDATE #2: Need to upload the cover…which isn’t on this comp. That is okay…but yes, formatting now works. Good grief, this is going to be interesting…

UPDATE #3: Awaiting approval. Excellent!