Honestly, layouts will be the death of me. Had to change yet again because of the way that this comp’s browser dealt with it. Drat but eh, what can you do.

A lot of stuff will have to be put together this afternoon…need more book copies, for one, and am debating that press-release kit. Again, thanks to Joe for the advice on promo; a lot of these steps I’ve already taken, but will continue to take the others. I want this out there.

Also…and I do think this is fair time for it…I think I ought to purchase a domain and make an “official” sort of a site. Natch, not “I think” – excessive. I will purchase a domain and work on the website; if only because I can think of a lot of great promo to come from that. That and the Kindle edition is still in “pending approval” stage.

Putter, putter…