Upon calling the good people of webhosting, I realized that WordPress is 1. cheaper and 2. more practical to keep as my main site. I will still be able to get a lot of the same website management thru WordPress as I would with everything else and, considering that the bulk of the site is the blog itself, it only makes sense to manage that. Far as media – artwork and the like – I can host it here as well.

The new-and-improved link is http://www.katherinegilraine.com

You can still use the old one if you have it bookmarked.

I’m waiting on them to verify domain ownership for me, so I can get started on setting stuff up.

I’ve also listed my book on Reddit – so if you’re able to upvote it, please do. Business cards will arrive shortly – so if you are in New York and will be going to local bookstores, keep an eye out. I will also be ordering bookmarks – VistaPrint really, really is one of the best services I’ve used so far. I will certainly try new venues for marketing, trackbacks, etc.

Until next time,