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The B&N proposal:

For the record, the information can be found here – In other words, I need:

1. a copy of the book, 2. a marketing plan, 3. reviews.

While I can definitely do the marketing plan, the review portion is not easy. If anyone who is reading this blog has a hard copy of the book, or you purchased one, please review it – whether or Amazon, printed and mailed directly to me, doesn’t matter. But I really do need feedback, this is a make-or-break determination for B&N people.


More on that – a friend of mine (Hi, Glenn!) suggested that I go through review blogs targeted to the genre. This turned out to be a goldmine suggestion, especially in light of prior. So far, I’ve sent out a few queries for reviews, with a link to here. Welcome, all!

Press Release:

CreateSpace offers the service, and I am very inclined for it. However, Lisa B. has offered to help me with putting one together, and for that I am highly grateful.


Business cards are en route. Bookmarks next. Ordering more copies, both to send out to everyone I owe a copy to and to keep a few on the side, for the purposes of individual sales, should such an opportunity arise.

What I love, though, is that slowly but surely, the word is getting out there. Please, guys, keep this up. If you read it and love it, link people here and to the stores. If you read it, tell people where you got it. Keep it going.
Ciao and thanks to all,