The Next Steps

The lovely Gayle, one of my editors, has volunteered to scatter a few of the business cards (which should be arriving any minute, dammit!) around her town of St. Louis, MO. For this, I am immensely grateful.

I’m out of town on early Thursday. Now, in part, this is a vacation, in another part, this is a business trip. I’m meeting with a lot of people who were in the entertainment business for some time – musicians, mostly, but a chunk of them are writers too – and will see what they can toss my way strategy-wise. From what it looks like, I’m already doing the majority of what I need to do and the next step…which is one I happen to loathe…is to make appearances and promote it in person.

The reason I loathe it is maybe a touch ridiculous, especially considering all else that I’m doing to promote it, but I want to retain as much of my privacy as I know how. I know that in the event that this takes off, it will not be to the extent that I’d like, but I want to keep my private life – whom I know, where I go, what I do on a day-to-day basis, etc. – to myself. It’s my luck that the writing segment of the entertainment industry is pretty closed-in; Stephenie Meyer and JK Rowling didn’t get the brunt of the media onslaught until their films were in production.

Back on topic, though. I will have to make some in-person convention appearances, if only to see if I can reach a specific audience. I’ve already gone through the book blogs – will see about the extent of the blogs’ response; so far I have one nibble – and there has to be something for fantasy authors on the horizon. Also, I am wondering if I could do something when I go to Dallas in January.

Decision, decisions… Either way, though, I have to keep pushing for getting the word out. The rest of things I will take as they come, exclusively as they come.