Things in the Works

So I went out of town this past weekend to Long Beach and ended up getting into a conversation with the library director there. He’s very open to me donating my books – yes, donating, not selling, this is for circulation and getting the word out there overall – and just as open to potentially doing youth authorship programs, or anything of the sort. Again, NaNo is in November. If I could do either a write-in in Long Beach or something along those lines…that is awesome.

Now, there’s also the NaNo possibilities, overall. NaNo in NYC is pretty involved; I’ve seen many events being advertised last year, most of them in easily-accessible neighborhoods. I work in Midtown and can take the subway damn near anywhere; working on an event is 1. good promo and 2. great for NaNo.

And yes, I did get in touch with Chris Baty. I do hope he’s game for me doing pre-contest events in my name as well as his. I would imagine there is a degree of iffiness copyright-wise, but that is yet to be defined…

In 15 days exactly, the NaNo website is re-launched. After Oct. 15th, I can go to and do events. And after that….well, Book 4 is finally plotted out. Scene-mapping comes next and when Nov. 1st comes about…here we go!