Advertising, Facebook, Further Book info

And a busy day it is already!

First things first: ads and facebook.

I may have some personal reservations on Facebook, but as you may see, I have a page. I’ve also started an ad campaign there to see how it will do; the targeting range is absolutely excellent. I am thinking of expanding the age range – right now, the ad is pushing for the 17+ set – not because the book is rated NC-17; it’s not, but more or less on a to-start-off basis – which I think I will do either way… And it now has a Facebook fan page, which I am linking also. If you’re reading this, have the book, or just like that I’m keeping this blog, please click the ‘become a fan’ button. Seriously. Get the word out there.

As per further book info – one of the critiques I received is that it would help immensely to have a glossary, character list and the like. Since it’s a bit too late to put that in the book innards – files are locked once in print – then I will do that either here or on Shelfari, or both. The Shelfari page already has a small character list, table of contents and the like. I’m tinkering with it as time goes, so check back there every once and again.

And for those of you who have and read Book 1 and love it – Book 2 is in progress of editing as we speak. I can’t really sit still for long! The excitement of having one segment of this story out there is infectious. That and I want to get good at this. I’m still a fledgling author – yesterday was one month since release – and there is and will be a long way to go.

Until more things develop….