NaNo time!!!

Yes, it’s that time again! National Novel Writing Month is picking up in one month from yesterday and here I am, still mid-Book 2, salivating for the frenzy of inspiration. Seriously – if you want me to pump out material on short notice, give me a deadline :)

I have a couple more vignettes in my head, but my day job is picking up in a hurry, so I’m trying my damndest to just get through deadline pressure and then get everything going writing-wise.

But yes, I’m plotting out Book 4. I can’t really summarize/spoil very much, considering the plot is still In Progress, but it’s something I look forward to writing. It’ll be one of those intense, high-octane, question-everything plotlines that ties into the Big Picture of things.

One thing about the plot to give it away is… what happened to Rena that she took the case of Shourron I personally?

Because there’s a back story and it is a doozy.