Minor update…

Okay, so.

I got the battery on my Mac replaced, at last, which is delightful. If I’m going to go traveling with this machine, I’d like to be able to get on the plane and write. The beauty of 4-hour flights one way….just enough for one battery cycle.

NaNoWriMo 2009 is a week away! And I’ve finished plotting out the book. If I can manage it, fantastic, if not, then I’ll be…well, severely disappointed, for one. I don’t know about NaNo 2010; I may do a for-my-eyes-only sort of a memoir collection. Why for my eyes only? I’m 24 and still gathering stuff to put into said memoirs, so to speak. Too early to think about it in either case, I need to survive NaNo 2009. It WILL eat my soul, of this I’m certain.

Aaannnd, of course, of course, Book 2!! It will be released, looks like March 2010. After NaNo, wherein the arc will be wrapped up, I will be able to retro-edit a good bit in Books 2 and 3, simultaneously if need be, and release Book 2 soonishly. Nervous? A little. Anxious to get at it? Hell yes. But Book 4 needs to be written out first. A plot outline does not a novel make. Not yet.

Of course, there’s the Jamaica trip. I WILL write on it. Plane flight = writing. Layover waiting = writing. Over breakfast? Writing. Coffee or bust.

Here we go, in other words….