Back on the grind

One driver’s license later, I’m back on it.

NaNo kicks off this Sunday, 12:01 am (yes, this means that my inner insomniac will kick off the frenzy in the wee hours. Midnight writing session, then snooze, then get up, then lather, rinse, repeat. Bloody hell; 3 years doing this and I still balk at the prospect of a lack of sleep for a month…oy.

But – tonight is the NaNoWriMo kickoff party, wherein I will be doing shameless self-promotion. I’m armed with book business cards, my notebook, and all the caffeine I can imbibe between now and 6pm.

Must talk shop with Glenn…

Must also make a phone call to a few people, particularly abroad. Not sure if I can sneak a press release into an overseas magazine, but it can be done.

And I had a scene worming around in my head today, from the beginning of Book 4, that I’m resisting the urge to write. Even if I write it, I am certain that I will push out enough story over the course of a month to warrant a clear win, but no. I want to play this one by the book (ha!).

I also issue a hello to the real counterpart to Alex Kramer, who I’m sure is checking this blog from time to time… don’t get crazier than usual, man!

Just a lot to do; I do have a layout for the marketing plan (Barnes & Noble submission is still on, just taking an inordinately long time; I need reviews, dammit!) and nowhere near enough time to do it in. Not that, heh, it ever stops me. Just have to have a bit more coffee, sleep a little less and focus a little more…