NaNo Post: whoa nelly.

I’ve finally done it – I killed a character.

No spoilers, of course, but if Book 3 drafts have gone over well, Book 4 is due to be epic. So far I’m following the plot, but not writing in continuity. Since I have the older set of characters and the younger set, I nearly always end up writing about events for the younger set first. So I will say this: it is one of the younger set characters that bites it in Book 4.

The older set is incredibly fascinating to me to write, but I am having trouble coming up with the visuals to tie it all together. I mean, I can see it, but it’s just the exact words aren’t coming to me yet.

What I generally do to break a writer’s block is try to read my prior scenery aloud. You have no idea how well it works, but it does and hotdamn, does it ever break a writer’s block.

Current word count, as of 11:57pm at 11/2/09 is 9,546

If I am able to stay up about 20 more minutes, I hope to breach 10,000 before bed. If not, then it’s 11,000 by this time tomorrow night. This is my personal best at NaNo either way; never before have I had this much done in a single day. Then again, I consumed 5 cups of coffee. I feel productive. And sleepy now that the rush is wearing off.

If I stay up, though, I definitely input an older-set scene….


ETA: Breached the 10K barrier. Am now at 10,364. I will pass out now.