On a different note…

My workplace just called a meeting a few hours ago to announce some changes – some of which include:

1. a 10% pay cut

and 2. a possibility that we might be moving offices soon.

No, not quitting NaNo. But this does put a damper on things; on account that I will have to spend a VERY large chunk of my spare time in the office, catching up on everything I have left behind. While I sometimes write at my breaks – keeps me fresh, focused and mostly sane – I get constantly bombarded with projects, most of which are either extremely time-consuming or highly complicated.

So yes, my writing may be sliiiiightly differently-managed, but it will still happen.

Never give up – not even a possibility. That’s how I live my life.


NaNo update…

Word Count: 19,070
Oh, I rock. Except my scenery is starting to suck. I am varying in levels of descriptiveness to such a degree that it’s starting to get ridiculous. I wrote one nice, rich, amazingly well-developed scene enough to make me proud and follow it up by another key scene, which may as well be just plain fluff.

That and one of my settings isn’t gritty enough. Time discrepancy ought to be giving me something more to work with. It’s not. At least, not yet. I know that the Inner Editor is supposed to shut up this month, but in this case, the inner editor helps me develop the plot and boost the word count. The major redacting stage won’t be coming till later.

And this may be me being a little bit, slightly, more than slightly nuts, but I think I may release Books 2 and 3 at roughly the same time.

What I can’t wait for is for NaNo to be done. Yes, it’s Day 6 as of 1 hour ago and some minutes, but I’m already in the writer’s block stage. Do not want writer’s block. Not here and now. Nooo.