NaNo Post….

Okay, so.

Word Count as of 11/14/2009, 1:30pm, 36,207

Whew. It seems that my evil evil little plan is working: be done with NaNoWriMo before I get on the plane to Montego Bay. Reason is simple: if I get the bare bones laid out now with the 50K word limit – which, considering the way that the plot is going, is going to be a piece of cake to rustle up – then when I’m nice, relaxed and inspired, I can actually use the Nov. 30th deadline to finish the book itself, hopefully with the extrapolations where I marked it.

Tip to fellow Wrimos: it is perfectly OK to mark a spot in your manuscript with an author’s note. If you could take a look at my manuscript now, there is a note to redact/edit/retrofit nearly once per scene. I usually do end up going back and redacting the scenery, but not yet retrofitting. I would be editing three manuscripts at once if I were to start retrofitting and believe me, I want to save that for way after I get back from Montego Bay.

In non-NaNo-related matters….

Work had gotten to be very crunch-timey as of late and because of that, I’m scrutinized much more closely. I write when I can, but Second Job, which is my biggest concern at this point, had hit a slowdown, which I do not like very much. There’s a lot that I need to do, but between day job, second job, writer job – I am spread a little too thin and it’s starting to show.

And in case you’re wondering if I would quit either job? No. I won’t. I am not a quitter, number one, and Second Job – jazz band booking – is something I love and enjoy. I can’t put that to the wayside.

Write-in time, y’all. I have to run.