Something new, yet again.

In part in addition to the vignettes, and in another part because of a very personal connection to the music, I will also be doing Artist Spotlights.

“But Kat,” you ask. “What is that?”

That, dear reader, is when I will review the performance, or a CD cut, or a song, or something that concerns specifically jazz music and th very, very misnomered smooth jazz genre.

You’re thinking “Ohgawds, you’ve gone sappy, Kat!”

And I say, not so. I say not so because you don’t see smooth jazz past the over-commercialization of Kenny G – who is, sorry Kenny, the king of sap. No. Not that. You want to hear smooth jazz? Hear Euge Groove’s strong, funky saxophone blasts. Hear the streetwise, multifaceted Marion Meadows, who brings a Southwestern flair to an urban groove. You want to hear smooth jazz? Nick Colionne’s smart chops. Chuck Loeb’s storytelling on guitar. Boney James’s sleek, intricate, well-balanced groove that tells a vignette with many varieties of saxophone. You want smooth jazz? Take the emotional spotlighting of Special EFX and Spyro Gyra.

And for all dear to you, actually check the sounds out. Whether or not I review them. Because you know – one, smooth jazz is a misnomer, for its nearly unlimited variety. Two, it’s a dwindling genre that sees almost no listeners from my age group. I’m 24, for the record, at the present time.

So yes, a new project for moi, and for all of you to read.