Home sweet home.

So I’ve arrived back to the lovely City of New York in one piece after Warren Hill’s Jammin’ in Jamaica. I should say this: if you want to have a party, chase jazz music to destination concerts. Satisfaction guaranteed!

I’m perfectly aware I sound like an infomercial, thanks very much :P

So yes, now I have a nice little metric ton of things to d, including but not limited to getting dry cleaning done.Truth be told, even though NaNo is won, I’m hankering to write some more. Kind of have to, since the plot is not yet as ‘wrapped up’ as I like it and it still needs a nice segue sequence. Oy.

But that’s for tonight.

Right now…chores, hate to say.I’m going to be boring for about 48 hours. I am not that big of a Thanksgiving fan, so the two days off for that I will be using for a lot of updates.

Must dash now.