Updatin’ some more…

While I won NaNoWriMo, Book 4 is not yet done. So, for those of you who are on NaNoWriMo.org, won and aren’t done, mosey on over with me to NaNoFiMo.org. National Novel Finishing Month. There’s just no way I can wrap up a manuscript in thirty days even; it has to be more.

I could tell you one major thing though: with what I mapped out of Book 4 already, I can definitely go back and retrofit Books 2 and 3. But, since I leave no project incomplete, I’ll wrap up 4 as soon as I can, while retrofitting. Turns out that I’m actually a lot more done than I originally thought. A good amount of battle-scenery later and I should be good.

…Although, really? Truth be told, with what I have even now, I could have Book 2 done, formatted and uploaded to print (for free, mind you, since I took NaNo again this year!) by close of week.

Decisions, decisions……

So, what’s next? The second issue of Caper Journal is up and with it will soon be two of the vignettes I featured on this blog.They are not up just yet, but check out the rest of the journal in either way. URL is on the right side :)

Next jazz artist to be spotlighted and reviewed will be Marion Meadows (soprano saxophone, local to Phoenix, AZ), within the next few days.

And my next music escapade would be….eh…frankly, I have no idea. I’m debating going to the Culbertson Christmas show at BB King’s this weekend, and am hankering to go to this huge event in PA in March (if that will even be possible…and if it is, there’s no way I’m missing it!), but looks like the closest adventure is…. Mr. Chuck Loeb at the Blue Note in March. Late show, for the win.

For the time being…ciao, and back to editing-land I go.