Back on the Book Grind

Because my muse has ADD and deserted me, of course I’ve taken a break from both Books 2 and 4. Until now.

It’s raining, number one, and the funk that I was in owing to some work-related issues had finally begun to lift. So I’m reviewing Book 2; ironing out a few odd errors in the first couple of chapters. The retrofitting stage is mostly done; I don’t think I have to put in another scene that seeds out the overall plot – but that may change. I do need to read it through closely. There’s a few odd, interesting points from Book 1 that I can really, really get into in Book 4 as well (Thanks, Ian) that I need to be careful with also.

Yes, here we go again.

The thing is, if I power through most of it, I will be able to have it done and ready as quickly as by close of year – although, realistically, I doubt it will happen. Thanks to NaNo, I get a free proof copy and after that, back we go again on the grind. If you don’t recall the absence of sleep I had going on with the edit of Book 1, I’m into much the same for Book 2. Awesome.

Syntax is definitely going to be an issue, if only owing to the fact that I didn’t get a solid hang of the style and rhythm until Book 3.

Plot….oy. Yes, that’s my biggest concern.

But this is what I am, and this is what I do. Let the good times roll.