Catchin’ up…

2009 is wrapping up in a matter of days and, of course, everything is quiet in the office. So I am taking this time now to get some writing done.

Because of the worst writer’s block I’ve had in a very, very long time, I’ve let Book 4 sit unfinished for most of December. I had the plot, but once the pressure of the Nov 30th deadline eased off, the writer’s block crept in and kind of lingered. I made some headway on editing/retrofitting Book 2, with my friend Ian’s help (major kudos to him for helping me out with this; was going to go stir-crazy otherwise), but Book 4 just kind of sat there.

Until earlier in the week, when the muse gave me a solid kick in the head.

(took it long enough, says I!)

So while the office is empty, I am going to put together the remainders of Book 4, as much as I can. I am going to finish out Ch. 10 at the very least and sketch out the ending scenes. The funeral, the segue into the next arc – that’s on my menu today.

No, no spoilers, not yet.

I will definitely post a scene from Book 2 soon. And as soon as the first draft of it is done, there is a free CreateSpace proof waiting to happen. Cannot wait!