Minor updates…

In new things: the Musical Meanderings page on the right side has an organized collection of links to things regarding music: artist and event writeups, mostly.

In book matters, still writing Book 4. Am a little hinky on the continuity of the book; I know where to lead to, but there is a lack of idea as to the events to segue it. I have the beginning and the ending of one chapter, but nothing to fill matters in with. That and one of the characters that was supposed to arrive to the battle hasn’t quite been greeted by her welcoming committee, so to speak.

And in published book matters, since I am not great with summaries, a contest.

Check out the CreateSpace page for the book. That’s the blurb for it. The same blurb is on the Amazon page.

If you can come up with a better blurb, go for it – and you will get credit on both CreateSpace and Amazon! And a free copy of Book 2 once that is released (which may take a while).

So, writers, go for it!

Edited to add: e-mail the blurb entries to me at k.gilraine@gmail.com

For now, all is well otherwise. Completely unbelievably freezing, even for my tastes, but I’ll live.