Some more updates

I’m on Chapter 11 of Book 2. In other words, after all the hoping and wishing and lots of procrastinating, I’m on the final leg of the editing/plot adjustments before I order the paper copy and work it through the old-fashioned way. So I may well be on track with my release date of March 31st, 2010.

Now, a few things came to my attention, including but not limited to the fact that Amazon’s resellers are getting a bit scammy. First off, my book list price is $16.99 and has been for some time – whoever listed it for over a thousand dollars (not joking) made me laugh. Secondly, it would not be in Used because it’s distributed by a print-on-demand publisher. Third – all of these resellers would get their stock from Amazon/CreateSpace as it is.

So I’ve added a page titled On Purchasing, which is available for your perusal on the right. Long story short: I’d prefer you buy the book from CreateSpace.

For now, back to work I go…