Oh finally…

Book 2 edit has been wrapped up!! *throws confetti*

That is to say, the basic content edit. I’ve spent some time writing in missing scenes, fleshing out the plotlines from later in the story that needed to be started and seeded earlier and, of course, correcting phrasing to the best of my ability. My friend Ian, reader extraordinaire, had asked some curious questions and, in order to answer, I will definitely compile a Book FAQ or a glossary, or a character guide, or something to answer a few storyline questions. They would come up sooner or later and I figure that it’s best to keep the book for the story for now and maybe release a Q&A guide. There are possibilities.

But now comes the interesting part: formatting. Formatting, uploading, and getting the CreateSpace proof copy. While I’m at it, I will be, of course, catching the loose ‘missing word’ situations that were rife with the first book. My beloved editor, Gayle, has a draft for further editing.

So yes, here we go again! Editing, prepping, publishing, marketing – here. we. go!



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