So I have the Book 2 proof in my hands (click link to see what it looks like) and I absolutely love it. It’s still the same feeling of “Oh wow, I’ve done it!” that I had when I got the proof of Book 1, but this time, it’s a more analytical feeling, especially considering that I’ve already gone through the “getting it to look professional” phase when I worked on Book 1.

Note: Jenna, this is amazing. In print, it’s gorgeous. Just, wow. You outdid yourself.

The overall edit is not half-bad, but that I am leaving to my kickass editors to get back to me on. I’m still ironing out things from Ch. 6 forward; that is to say, p. 130 our of, give or take, 450. Yes, 450. Properly formatted font and format 450.

On one hand, I look forward to editing it. On another, I remember the 10-proof brouhaha that was Book 1 and get the distinct impression that my insomnia is patting me on the head and saying, “Darling, it’s ok. You won’t be rid of me anytime soon.” Complete with requisite shit-eating grin, of course.

*headdesk* the irony to this is….I overslept today. I usually get up at 7:00am to go to work. I got up at 10:00am and only because the gas meter guy knocked on my door. And yes, it’s about to be the Busy Season at my day job. So this, plus Second Job (which is already in busy season) plus editing equals….a lot more incidents where my alarm clock is by the wayside.

I’m just glad now, more than ever, that I’m not doing this alone.