Support a Fellow Author! Poems for Haiti, by Lisa M. Basile

My friend and fellow author Lisa Marie Basile put together a spectacular project in the wake of the Haiti earthquake. The project is an anthology of poems, entitled, appropriately, Poems for Haiti – all the proceeds are put to the Haitian relief effort.

As of right now, there had been a similar-magnitude earthquake in Chile, and a similar project may be in the works.

Please support Lisa in this endeavor. The poetry is amazing and it is for a great cause.

More info is found here: the Poems for Haiti blog.


Somewhat unrelated, but again, something new

I mentioned in the new and revamped About the Author section that I dabble in photography. What I also dabble in, very heavily and definitely for commission, is graphic design.

What I will be doing is thusly: I will create a Hire Me page – or something similar – where I will list my skills. If you would like to hire me to do some graphic design/photography/layout work for you, I’ll have my contact info up.

Since I love my city very much, I will also create a photo gallery page, where I will put photos of NY as I see it.

On a similar note, this involves me getting a new camera. My beloved Nikon Coolpix is 6 years old and is ready to bite the dust. I fell in love with a Kodak while browsing RadioShack (I know – but it’s the best deal I’ve seen so far) and, provided my budgeting mojo is still kicking – which it is – I will invest in it. Of course, any digicam suggestions are open.

Book 2 is coming along swimmingly, and the muse finally deigned to poke at me with the urge to finish out Book 4. It’s slow going and, when the time will come to edit Book 4, there will be a lot of revamping done.¬† It just doesn’t feel as smooth as, say, Book 3 when I first wrote it. My procrastination doesn’t help much, I am sure.

Until then, the snow is over for a while (I hope, because I am sick of it already), and is melting. It’s messy outside still and will be for a while, but them’s the breaks, as people say.