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I am currently taking on graphic design/layout design and any literary editing projects for a negotiable commission.

My software skills are as follows:

– Intermediate knowledge of Adobe CS3; Illustrator and Photoshop in particular

– Highly proficient in use, support, troubleshoot of Windows machines, versions 95 and forward. Able to support Vista.

– Paint Shop Pro 8

– MS Office, all versions, incl. Office 2007

– Comfortable with use of either a PC or Mac in design. For the most part, I use PC on the account that I’m able to go back and forth between programs. Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro 8 work well in tandem and, occasionally, I have a need for both.

Now, what can I make?

– Flyers and pamphlets: all-graphic or text-and-graphic, depending on the purpose

– Custom images; all resolutions – composite graphics for web or printing

– Retouched photographs, i.e. family photos for printing

– Booklets for inserts into CDs or DVDs (design only)

If you are a musician, a journalist, or work in the entertainment industry, I am definitely willing to take on your project.

References are available upon request. In the event that your project is not within my skill range, I will be happy to refer you to someone who is capable of finishing the job. I will soon post samplers of my work, having recently completed a CD booklet design project that is approaching release; it’s definitely one of my best works. You will soon see  a link to it here and a few sample pages as well.

I am also a good bookkeeper for individuals/small businesses, and use Quickbooks 2008.

Please e-mail me at and include New Project in the subject line.