In news and various things…less than two weeks until the third-rounders of ABNA are announced. Pins and needles? Yes. A lot. I’m calm with the exception of the fact that my heart rate is somewhere between marathon runner and jet engine.

In addition, I’ve finally started taking some time out to just sit down and read a book and I’ve been nose-deep into fellow ABNA/NaNoWriMo author Jessica Nesland’s The Untold, a story about an accident victim who tries to rediscover his past and discovers more than what he bargained for. The review of that will be posted as soon as my work-life calms down a little bit – racing against a deadline here – and I get myself into the pace needed to put this up and get it running.

Proof of Book 2 is going to be in my hands Monday. By the end of the month, I’ll be able to make any last-second changes and push it through to release. Of course, Kindle edition will be available, likely a lot faster than the paper version (now that I know how to work the digi-platform at Amazon).

And why do I have a feeling that Berks Jazz Fest will double as my own personal book release party? I think so!

It’ll be fantastic if I go on to round 3 of ABNA. If I do, I can guarantee you guys, you’ll hear the exclamation of joy halfway ’round the world. Still, I won’t speculate. It will be what it will be and if I won’t make it, I will cheer on anyone I know off NaNo forums who does.