A little something else as well…

First of all, because my editor is awesome, here is her editing blog.

And her write-up that includes working with me.

And yes, her writeup is 100% true in one major regard: I flout the Oxford comma on many occasions.  I adapted to a rather particular style of writing – long story as to how my style developed  and I won’t digress. You may have seen the lack of Oxford comma in my blog writing as well and the reason I don’t like to use it, apart from background history to my style, is that it makes for a less than ideal flow. In fact, it makes me grate my teeth, so I strike it.

Which, of course, makes for situations where, as the rockin’ Gayle mentioned, it’s necessary: completely separate ideas should have an Oxford comma prior to the conjunction.

I should really get to bed, methinks…