Minor updates

All right, just a couple of things…

1. Book 2 URL is now available. The release is definitely on or close to schedule; I’ve made the corrections and submitted it for pre-proofing. Only a couple of formatting errors and a missing word, which had since been fixed. I think that I will be able to release it on March 24th, provided that that’s when the proof arrives. If not, then end of month.

2. Only 3 days till I see Chuck Loeb at the Blue Note, and 6 days until my departure to Berks Jazz Fest, which I looked forward to for ages. I cannot wait till either. Geez Louise, I didn’t even PACK. Must do so ASAP.

3. Book 3 will begin its editing process soon. Gayle, m’dear, get your mojo ready. That book should be easy enough to overhaul; by the time I finished it, I had a pretty solid grasp of both the story and the syntax. Of course, when you’re trying to pump 50,000 words in a month, you pay a visit to The Department of Redundancy Department (ha!) one time too many. Hence editing.

4. Book 4…I work on that, effectively, whenever I have the time. Which, lately, isn’t often.

5. No sleep.

6. Coffee aplenty.

But this is just me being silly now. On the real, the series is coming along swimmingly; I have a very solid grasp of my characters and their back stories are itching to be told over the course of the next two arcs. I should definitely revisit my CSI: Crime Scene Investigation DVDs for storyline ideas. I had a mystery in mind but if anyone wants to point towards an arc idea – be my guest, please! My audience has a voice that is meant to be heard.

I may link this blog to my Facebook, but that’s for another discussion.

Oh, and 4 days till Round 3 of ABNA is announced. I am trying not to get my hopes up; being in Round 2 in and of itself is excitement enough. But if you can cross your fingers…do so. ASAP.

So, this so far, is how things are.