A.W. April Blog Chain: Meet my own characters?

For the April blog chain: what would it be like to meet a character out of my novel?

Hmmm. The question of which character comes up. My characters have evolved to be pretty interesting and unique individuals. And really, I try to imagine how they’d be like if I met them – how else am I to write the dialogue? But truthfully, if someone able to wield powers I never dreamed about suddenly ran into me…it’d be curious, to say the least.

So, I’ll answer this for  several characters.

Arriella, the main character, would be one of those people who command my attention without trying. It’d be an automatic impulse to take cues from her on how to act, even though sometimes she herself isn’t sure of how to go about things, and at the same time, I’d know she’d be watching me, analyzing and taking stock of what I can contribute to the given situation. Nonetheless, she’s a person, and is imperfect as such. She has her doubts, her misjudgments, her foibles.

Shourron I, as he was an as he is, are two different situations. As he is, I would see a man haunted and, in part because of my education and in another because of my own sense of compassion, I’d immediately try to put his ghosts at ease. They haunt him now as they will for millennia to come and a kind word with him would go a long way, even if it’d take him some time to hear it. As he was…well, I’d have to first take cover, and then hope that he wasn’t pissed off.

Jason (Book 3 of the series)…now there’s a barrel of laughs. Jason is a lot like me, as far as other people are concerned. He sees them, sees what bothers them – without the use of his powers – and if the person he’s facing is oblivious to the obvious, then he’ll poke the obvious with a sharp stick. So to meet him in person would be creative, sarcastic mayhem. Two perceptive individuals who run into each other nearly always cause mayhem.

Kataria…if I survive that initial meeting, since she’s the type to punch first and ask later, then I might like her determination. But there’s a clear line between that and pigheadedness, which in her case is very well-blurred. She’s as unlike her sister, Arriella, as could possibly be. Where Arriella grew out of her short fuse to a degree, with Kataria it’s permanently ingrained. Where Arriella can make a judgment about how to continue her lifestyle, Kataria clings to the norms she was raised with.

Rena. Now, what can I say about Rena? She’s one of those people that you’d say looks like an innocent angel. Is she? Of course not. You don’t live to be three million years of age and retain innocence. There is one thing that’s crucially important to her: her own kind. She’s the youngest of five siblings; has a history that few people know about, saw enough planets get created and destroyed – the ‘innocent’ part of her died a long time ago.

Kirare, the half-Cosmic Viceroy of Underworld…the universe’s prison warden. If I were to judge by sheer presence, I don’t want to meet him. The only thing that differentiates Kirare from a bona-fide sociopath is that he does have an emotional spectrum, which is still severely curtailed. There are two things that he holds in high value: respect and loyalty. He commands the first and is willing to pay any price to get the second. Despite that, he’s a fair judge and a good judge of character – and will immediately make it clear whether or not you are in his good graces. If you’re not, you simply won’t care for it very long.

It’s a rather interesting thing to consider. Now I’m thinking about the other characters – and this is definitely going to come in useful when I hit the next arc.


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11 thoughts on “A.W. April Blog Chain: Meet my own characters?

    1. Yes, you are on the ball! It is fantasy, in the style of CSI. More info is in the About the Series page! And welcome!

  1. Very nice group indeed. With only a few lines, I can see how conflicts could arise between them. They seem strong and rich.

    I agree with Proach: it would be interesting to meet them all.

    1. Thank you! They’re a fun bunch, for sure. And I’m now thinking of writing a “writer’s block meet-the-character” scene a la your style.

    1. Thanks!! I really want to do an Origins book for them. Their current adventures are great, but the back stories are percolating…

  2. Isn’t it kinda fun to realize you don’t want to meet a character too? :) Just goes to show ourselves we can create both types of characters and just because we did doesn’t mean we have to “like” them. :)

    1. Oh yes! Although it does present a challenge when writing them. I don’t like the idea of being in the same room as this guy. Good gravy.

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