Since I have a little bit more time on my hands, I’m going headfirst into the book, because it is way bloody overdue. I’ve been putting a little bit at a time into Book 4; there is one particular scene that bothered me for a while and it’s closer and closer to completion. After which, I have to wind the storyline down and do a segue into Arc 2. What that is…I haven’t the slightest hint of an idea.

While I’m at it, I updated the Shelfari page for Book 2 to include some of the new characters and give some info on the book. The digital edition of Book 2 remains to be properly formatted and uploaded, which I hope to do within the week as well. I have a checklist in mind from my prior entries to get through, and I have considered a wholesaler. But truthfully, I would like the B&N paper submission to go through. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get a wholesaler aboard for this, considering I’m a self-pub, but I may need to look into that.

Work is now in a slump – which I love, it lets me write! – and I will happily continue onward with the finish of Book 4. Then, Book 3 will get a once-over and be shipped to my editor.

Until then,