Progress Update

So far:

– Chapter 12 of Book 4 – completed. Only another chapter to go, but the more I look at the plot, the more I realize that it’s probably going to wear on for longer than that.

– Back story of how it all began submitted to the NaNoWriMo headquarters. As I said multiple times, I credit NaNo completely with the kick to the posterior that I needed to write the book to start with. Once this is posted, I will link it.

– Beginning the percolation process for my Age and Jazz article. You may’ve noticed that I like my contemporary jazz. For the record, I’m twenty-four; twenty-five this coming May. As it is, I’m the youngest person at most destination concerts and jazz festivals that 1. loves the music, and 2. is willing to spend a good price tag to chase it 3. completely solo. It’s very interesting to observe, and I will share my findings and thoughts in an op-ed piece…soon.

For now, all is well.