In things du jour…

FINALLY settled on the “right” theme for the blog. Very minimalist, crisp fonting, enough wiggle room to put all of my widgets, even if they’re a wee out of order. My style in a nutshell.

Day Job is still workish, so to speak. I’m getting back into the normal, non-frenzied groove of things, which lets me manage my time more efficiently. Which means I can, hopefully soon, finish out Book 4. The muse has me in its cold, cold grasp and refuses to let me go until I put down one of the ending scenes. Luck has it, it’s a scene that I’ve been percolating for a while and I know exactly how it should flow.

I hope to get started on the article on age in jazz soon. I’m gathering some intel as of right now to season the percolation process a bit, so this is also a bit of an info call: if you’re in smooth jazz in any way, shape or form, be it a listener, a musician, a producer, what-have-you – tell me how you feel about youngins. Musicians or audience members. Does the new blood compare to the pros? How do you get the younger people to the shows, aside from their parents? Where do you find new talent in jazz music?

Jazz season is all set up, now to hang tight until I hear the lineup from the cruising people on the 2012 sailing. I would love to go on another one. I truly would. There’s something about a music-filled ship in the tropics that’s magical.

Back to bookkeeping for now, and then, to booking and book-writing.



2 thoughts on “In things du jour…

  1. I feel kind of bad that I haven’t been around to keep up with your blog as much lately. It’s been a ridiculously crazy month. And it sounds like you’ve been kept just as busy as well with all your work for tax season and your novels.

    On a short note, I’ve been working at a real, bonafide job, but it’s nothing full-time. Just a part-time job at a bookstore. I’ve also gotten a real, bonafide job offer to teach English at a Chinese university. Add in to that a request to do a second interview with Amazon in person at one of their facilities, and I’ve been a wee bit harried.

    So hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with your stuff more in a week or so. I’ve spent most of this week freaking out about job offers and going overseas and what I’m going to tell the university in China come Monday when my deadline to reply rolls around.

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re getting a chance to relax a little after the craziness of tax season!

    1. Thank you! And please, don’t ever apologize for having a busy life. Between family and work, and offer – and potential relocation to China! – don’t apologize, ever!

      I’m crossing my fingers for you! This must all be amazingly exciting. Good luck!

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