Update again…

So, in news today, short version:

1. May blog chain topic is music (woohoo!)

and 2. ALMOST THERE with Book 4. Be patient, J.W.. Your article will come soon, for I tend to multitask as deadline approaches.

Book 4 is so close to finish that I can taste the victory drink I will have once this thing is completely done. The ending to the book is almost complete. Literally, all I will be missing by close of today will be the main battle sequence.

Now this I’m planning to take a little bit more time on. I want to actually research some WWII strategies and see if I can mirror the goings-on when I write my final battle – or at least come up with a slightly better strategy than I have in mind now. This is my true Achilles’s heel in writing; I can pace the everyday action well enough, I can pace emotions and character growth, but battles? That’s something else.
And, in keeping with AbsoluteWrite – where I really should try to become more active – I am a participant yet again in the May Blog Chain, with the topic this time turning to music.

The topic: What does your story/characters sound like?

This is phenomenal and, naturally, right up my alley. I’ve written the series to so much music of many different sorts, from silly to serious, from jazz to classical to rock. I have scenes that I’ve specifically matched to musical pieces because they fit so seamlessly that I cannot think of the music without the scene, or vice versa.

The order of the blog chain will be as follows:

Aheïla: http://thewriteaholicblog.wordpress.com/
Stefanie Gaither: http://stefanie-gaither.blogspot.com/
AuburnAssassin: http://clairegillian.wordpress.com/
xcomplex: http://arielemerald.blogspot.com
Proach: http://everythinghistorical.wordpress.com
circlexranch: http://www.whyifearclowns.com
8thSamurai: http://digitalisdreaming.blogspot.com/
vfury: http://helencorcoran.wordpress.com
CScottMorris: http://cscottmorrisbooks.com/
RavenCorinnCarluk: ravencorinncarluk.blogspot.com
Hayley E. Lavik: http://hayleyelavik.blogspot.com
FreshHell: http://freshhell.wordpress.com
My turn will be here.
DavidZahir: http://zahirblue.blogspot.com/
Aimée Laine: http://www.aimeelaine.com/writing/blog/
egoodlett: http://wordlarceny.blogspot.com/

And, of course, I will be adding authors’ blogs as I read them into a new link section, appropriately titled Fellow Authors. If you are an author in your own right and want to be listed in my enormous and amazing linkage section, just say the word. I personally love reading authors’ blogs; the insight is excellent and inspiring in its own very unique way. Love it completely.

Back to the grind for me – not relevant whether numeric or literary.