Dreaming about tropics…

I swear, my chasing music habit is going to be the death of me. In a good way.

At the moment, I have tropics on the brain. Tropics accompanied by the mellow sound of a flugelhorn, an alto saxophone, a well-compressed, no-reverb electric guitar… Yeah. It’s that time again. It’s cruise-booking season in the jazz world.

I’m all booked for Jammin’ in Jamaica, and just today, they announced the lineup for the 2012 Smooth Cruise. Smokey Robinson is a special guest. Tempting? You wouldn’t believe. The thing is, I can likely book this after I am done paying off Jamaica, provided that it won’t be completely sold out. I’m banking on a lot here, considering that Smooth Cruise 2010 sold out in moments and 2011 had to put up a second sailing just because cabins were going like hotcakes. 2012 also has two sailings. So, it’s still a possibility. I mean, the lineup other than that is pretty great. You have my favorites like Peter White, Jeff Golub and Boney James. Then you have Gerald Albright and Smokey Robinson.
So today I also started thinking about the Capital Jazz Cruise. Consistently, the lineup on that has been great and the ship gets packed every year. This year, my tropical destination is clear with Montego Bay. Next year, that’s what I’m hunting for: a piece of tropics and music. The lineup at Capital is inclined towards my own personal tastes: Brian Culbertson, Marion Meadows, Spyro Gyra (which, if I had a little extra change, would be an instant “Sold!!!” right there) and Chuck Loeb (also a “Sold!!!”) . So next year, that’s my destination, provided the lineup is the same.

And, of course…Berks. If I can do it again, I’ll manage it. I am pretty sure that, considering it’s again in Tax Season, I won’t be able to get away for more than the last couple days, if at all.

My battle plan for this year is laid out. I’m set with my non-destination shows; just waiting for one ticket, and that is Dave Koz. Ticketmaster was supposed to get me that, hmm…last week. Usually, it’s no issue, but I am raising an eyebrow. TM is yet to give me any trouble.

Of course, I will be doing music writeups as I go along.

And onwards I go, chasing music yet again….