Well, can’t avoid Those Scenes anymore. In writing all around the pre- and post-battle scenery of Book 4, I arrived at, well…the battle scenery.

Did I mention that it’s just yea-and-verily not my forte?

Well, as I always say, nothing ventured is nothing gained. I have a lot to think about here in terms of strategic mapping of what I want to happen within the story, and at the same time, to keep a proper narration flow. Gayle is awesome at reminding me to pace the story properly; multitasking is also a kicking motivation. The thing is, I’m not really keen yet on processing Book 3 for the first time until Book 4 has at least the first draft made final.


In other words, right back to writer’s block I go.

In the meantime, I’m still plugging away at this age in jazz music piece that I want to see out and about; got stuck on that too. Special thanks to Oli Silk of the UK for helping me out on this one, both as a performer below the Median Age in Smooth Jazz and as a volunteer reader audience.

I also want to know why my workplace is empty at 9:45 on a Monday.

Not going to be one to complain, though. ‘Tis the off-season, so these sorts of pauses in the workday are common. It lets me relax, to boot.

Prepped and ready with my blog-chain post for May as well. It’s the topic I’ve been waiting for: the musical soundtrack to my story. It will be a hell of a long post, but I will also embed Youtube music links to the songs that resonate best with certain scenes. I will try not to spoilerize much.



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  1. sweet! i’m getting a lot of work done on my book, i did almost 12 pages so far today, and still have some stuff to look up, that might give me another 10 pages. so far, the book is over 130 pages and still moving. hoping to have the writing wrapped up by the end of june, so i can get it to editing, and ready to publish! and i have you to thank for lighting a fire under me!

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