More details on Boney James’s accident this past weekend.

For the non-clickers: after the Newport Beach show, he was going home and was rear-ended by a drunk driver who was going at 70mph.. The car that rear-ended him burst into flames; passerby pulled him out of his own car and got him to the hospital. His injuries were minor; a fractured maxilla, some loosened teeth and and gash that required some sewing up.

Might I just say, thank everything thankable that he was able to walk away from this relatively unscathed. Yes, a show on his tour is canceled because of this, but drunk drivers are only too often a lethal occurence; James was lucky as all get-out.  No word on the driver that hit him. Nor do I think that we’ll ever hear about it.

The following will be evidence that no matter what I do or where I go, I will always be the crim-justice grad/closet detective:

Considering that the Other Driver’s car went into flames right after the hit, and alcohol was a factor, I have no idea what shape he/she is in. Also,  Boney James’s car is a sedan, so for the trunk to be relatively intact and not catch fire either, the majority force propelled the vehicle forward; meaning that B. was at a stop point. The injuries point to the same as well; that and the presence of passerby. Dollars to donuts that the car that hit was also a sedan; that’s the only thing that would account for the propelling force, his injuries, and the fact that it burst into flames: hard hit, break in the gas line, spark of metal-on-metal = fireball. If the driver that hit him is alive, that it’s very likely that said person is suffering from multiple fractures and second-degree burns at the very minimum.

/end to inner-detective hat.


And this is why, ladies and gentlemen, I reiterate the PSA:

Don’t drink and drive. EVER. State law doesn’t fuck with drunk drivers; look up NY and CA penalties for an example. When you do drink and drive, you’re putting lives at risk, and not just your own. DO NOT fucking drink and drive. Under any circumstances. Take a cab. Sleep it off in the car. Doesn’t matter. DO NOT put others’ lives and your own at risk. No thrill, no buzz in the world is ever worth a hospital trip or worse.

James – I wish you a speedy recovery from your injuries, as little pain as possible and plenty of smiles once you are back in your signature groove. Get well soon!