Mother Nature is getting with the April showers phase a little late – it’s the latter end of May and it’s moderately warm, but humid and rainy all the same. So my hunt for inspiration outdoors is at a slight halt for the time being. But, not to worry, there is always plenty to keep me busy.

As an aside, I’m hoping it gets to 90+ degrees. I might be the only one hoping for that, but ideal beach weather is little humidity and intense heat for me. Here’s to hoping.

In other news…

I’m right back on my daily word count track and Book 4 is now at well over 90,000 words. The regular is 500 words a day, but if I can push for more, I always will. The points I’m at now are more the cathartic realizations that come for some of the characters mid-battle; some are more personal than others, and the exploration thereof is what carries the book to conclusion. It’s interesting to see exactly what I have created character-wise; after a certain point, they begin to grow and evolve on their own – they begin to write the story, so to speak. In other words, their actions seem so predictable once in a while, all that I need to say as a narrator is “This is the given situation.”

Now, some of you may know this, but other do not: I originally had it in mind to wrap the entire story at four books, right up until I hit Book 3. After I wrapped Book 3, I went back and read – not edited, just read – the entire work-in-process, all three volumes. It struck me just how involved and intricate the story actually was, and moreover, I saw that there’s an entire back story that could be told.

In plotting this entire thing out with a friend of mine, I recently found myself at much the same point. At the time, I kept thinking, “I’ll just do the Origins from here” – but, just so happens that as I was basting together extraneous scenes at the very conclusion of Book 4, I realized that there was a lot more that I was leaving unanswered – which very well could carry to be Book 5. Which, as my friend aptly pointed out, still left a lot of room for me to develop what Origins will be, because in just those extra scenes, I added this, this and this.

And of course, she was right. The more I write, the more potential that I (and the characters) unwittingly create to continue the story.

At this point, I have the series mapped out tentatively to ten books. Maybe even twelve if I can manage it.

Again, the crux of it…marketing. I will admit – bad me! – that I’m not putting as much effort into it as I should be. A lot of non-book things (i.e. the Great Vehicle Hunt) are keeping me occupied. I’m also awaiting another book review from Self-Published Reviews blog and a few beta readers as well.

I’m also doing research insofar as getting reviewed in Publishers Weekly – it’s a long shot, considering I am a self-pub, but so far, Book 1 has been perceived well and the first beta reader for Book 2 cursed at me because I again left it with a cliffhanger. And believe me, the cussing at me because the story leaves a reader wanting more is a good thing. :)

Until next time…