AW June Blog Chain: The Defining Scene


Not one that you didn’t see coming, but of course, you know me. That’s NOT where the conflict ends. Oh-ho-ho, not at all.


I do love AbsoluteWrite blog chains, yes I do.

This time, I’m the one that ventured the topic, but the lovely Aheila is doing the hosting duties yet again. Due to job being busy and requiring my full attention as of late, I cannot venture my attention to as much of the chain as I like.

The topic is not so much as a question, but a teaser request. Post a scene that describes or defines the main character.

The Blog Chain – also, participants are linked behind the cut.

Now…Arriella, the main character. A pyrokine who, once thrust into a position of a much higher responsibility than the one she was in previously, she rises to the occasion and grows into her part as a diplomat, warrior and politician in a new way. She tries to do best by people and is very loyal to her duties, often ignoring her emotions right up until they step up and whack her with a heavy-duty Clue Bat.

She does feel a lot more than she will let on. She feels intensely, but holds back because she needs to control the situation. She is a commander first, a diplomat second, and a woman a distant third. She didn’t say anything about her relationship even potentially failing until it happened that her significant other’s interests clashed drastically with her own.

This is out of Book 4, takes place right as they’re about to do battle.

Unfortunately, I cannot give you the back story, except that 1. the battle is in the making from the get-go and 2. …the clue bat was coming a while with this one.



PS: Yes, I do have vampires. They drain energy, not blood. And I have Mages. And Hunters. And various other things that kick ass.

PPS: Back story is lengthy, and you can always read Book 1 and Book 2 to get part of it. Book 3 will be in editing phases as soon as Book 4 is done, which I hope to be soon.

PPPS: Yes, it’s a shameless plug.


As every commander reported in with their news, smiles started showing up on the faces in the house. Whether Mage, Cosmic, human, half-blood or otherwise, every report of good news brought a smile and a renewed sense of hope. This had potential to turn around.

“This also concludes one thing,” Arriella said, her own face still somber. “This city will be the final battleground. They’re all coming here – and I don’t know if it’s for us, or to simply destroy the city as it stands.”

“From what I understand, this is by no means the first time that this has been attempted in the known universe, but this is the first time that they actually succeeded this far,” Alex remarked.

Shourron I nodded in acknowledgment from across the room. Back in his darker days, he had both overseen and coordinated similar plots, all foiled by someone thinking one step ahead of him. He too had been responsible for the loss of countless lives in the name of what he once thought was the proper way to acquire sole proprietorship of the civilized universe.

“And we will ensure that none of this happens again,” Jason said firmly and turned to Arriella. “Commander?”

She gazed around the room, her green eyes firm and slightly sad at the same time. These were more than just the troop leaders that she knew them to be – those were friends and family members, always there for her in her difficult moments, always being there to both support her and stand up to her if she so required it. They were, in every sense of the words, her people. They all had something associated with this conflict, something deeply personal – a friend lost, a spouse damaged to his death, a lifetime achievement stolen. They all had a vested personal reason for pushing this matter to its completion.

It was time for them to take their lives, their memories and achievements back.

“Move out,” she said, her voice steely. “You all know what to do. The troops, if any, are at your command. Move out and fight.”

The flares of the soldiers outside that kept an ear and a sense on the goings-on of the bubbled-in house was reassuring. They were all ready, regardless of their origins, experiences and ages.

How many of them will come back alive? Arriella thought inadvertently as she remembered the Jemerian Civil War and the number of troops lost there. In the century after their so-called reprieve on Earth, Shourron II often spoke about wishing that he had the chance to save more of his troops or to do more for those that he did. There was always that undercurrent of regret in their line of work – there was always someone that they could not save.

Just like I couldn’t save you, Shou, she thought with a pang of pain. I couldn’t save you, but I sure as hell would make this right.

And so long as I’m in this fight, I refuse to lose anyone else dear to me, a sudden thought rushed through her head.

Makkian was almost to the door when she called his name.

“What’s up?”

Arriella’s face was still a picture of determination, but her eyes were vastly different; in them was a long-unseen reckless abandon that Makkian saw only too many times in the repeating dream that he couldn’t shake.

“Remember our implied agreement?” she asked him calmly. “Never speak of it, never think of it?”

Makkian nodded dumbly, suddenly aware of every eye in the room on the two of them.

“What of it?” he finally choked out.

“You remember what I told you last, right? That it won’t happen again?”

“Yeah…” Despite himself, he blushed in splotches of scarlet. “Again, what of it?”

“I lied.”

In two strides, Arriella was across the room and before Makkian realized it, she pulled his face down to hers in a hungry, impassioned kiss. Shocked to the core, he didn’t feel himself respond to the gesture, unable to process exactly what she was really doing by bringing their affair into the open at this time. Was it to finally dispel all speculation on the matter? Certainly worked, because he had the distinct impression that Alex’s jaw was somewhere in the basement. Was it to prove someone right? Jason and his father knew all along. Why now? Why like this?

The questions kept coming at his mind rapid-fire, blurring together with the passing nanoseconds.

He barely felt the kiss break and simply stared at her, dumbfounded still, his pupils almost rounded.

“Why in the blue-fire-loving supernovas did you do that?” he choked out.

“Because I love you, you starforsaken moron,” she said in a firm, passionate near-growl. “Because I love you and because I don’t know if after this war there will be a chance to kiss you like this. Now get out of here and kick some genetically engineered ass.”

As Makkian departed, Arriella turned to the others, who were still standing there.

“I thought I was clear on the ‘move out’ part.”

“Yes madam,” Jason mock-saluted. “Should I set aside a guest room for you at the company suites?”

“Bite me, Jay.”

Jason all but snickered as he followed Vannara and Shourron out the door, causing the female Vampire to turn his way.

“You knew it too?”

“Only when I first met ‘em all,” he shrugged, still smiling. “Just go easy on the kid. He couldn’t help it the first time.”


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30 Responses to AW June Blog Chain: The Defining Scene

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  2. freshhell says:

    Nice. Why do I think she looks like the young female cop on The Mentalist? Maybe because that woman has an extraterrestrial feel to her. I don’t know.

    • Katherine Gilraine says:

      You know, the more I look at the concept art for her and then compare it to the character you mentioned, the more I’m starting to see it… hotdamn. I didn’t even notice!

      (the concept art is on the FB fan page for the series)

  3. Collectonian says:

    I love how she turns around all nonchalant and reminds the others to move out. Very good scene for giving a wealth of info on how this character acts and thinks :-)

  4. Ellen says:

    She seems like a total badass, but I like how she has a vulnerable side too… And, of course, hungry impassioned kisses are always good ;)

    • Katherine Gilraine says:

      She’s a fire. In addition to being able to scorch everything in sight, she is one hot tamale when she needs to be :)

      Pretty much, soon as I got her personality, the rest of the story wrote itself.

  5. I picture her as the cop on…oh now the show’s name has eluded me. Anyway, I like her a lot! That scene made me able to picture her in my head with absolutely no effort. She seems very real, hiding her vulnerability in order to keep control. I think a lot of people do that. And I LOVE that your vampires drain energy! That is a very unique twist that almost makes me want to read another vampire story! :-P I’m joking b/c I would totally read this!

    • Katherine Gilraine says:

      It’s a quirk of human nature, the urge to keep control – and it often overrides damn near everything. It still manages to surprise people, I think, the extent to which one would go in order to keep their grips on a situation.

      And if you’d like to read, do forgive for the shameless plug. :)

  6. I am all about the impassioned kiss thing! Kind of reminds me of Underworld a bit in a good way. i pictured their meeting in some sort of extravagant Gothic room. Nice.

  7. Aimee Laine says:

    …“Why in the blue-fire-loving supernovas did you do that?” he choked out.
    “Because I love you, you starforsaken moron,”…

    That right there said it all. :)

  8. Lyra says:

    They all had something associated with this conflict, something deeply personal – a friend lost, a spouse damaged to his death, a lifetime achievement stolen. They all had a vested personal reason for pushing this matter to its completion.

    I liked this. The lifetime achievement stolen the way it’s written I can see that your character doesn’t think the loss of a lifetime achievement is considered less than losing someone you love. So I got a sense of fairness from her.

  9. Ruth says:

    Very nice. I like the way that you’ve built a good character. I’ve often found in later books of a series that the characters are not nearly as well defined due to the fact that the author assumes that the reader already understands the character.

    You didn’t do that in the least…kudos!

    • Katherine Gilraine says:

      Thanks! What I find, generally, is that the characters cannot be separate from the entirety of the story. As the plot evolves, so must they. While I knew going in what I wanted the characters to become, the how of it had to come with the story. And that took me a while to put together.

  10. Claire Gillian says:

    I’m with Aimee, that bit of dialogue was wonderful and said it all. Though I also liked the “get a room” and “bite me” derivatives. LOL

    • Katherine Gilraine says:


      I couldn’t resist the ‘bite me’ part. Just couldn’t. :p Considering Jay’s sense of commentary and Arriella’s insta-bristle, it was just the ideal spot.

  11. Aheïla says:

    Nice scene!
    I especially like the way you wrote what goes inside Makkian’s head when Arriella kisses him; it’s his thoughts but it says a lot about her.

    • Katherine Gilraine says:

      I think it also says a lot about how they both fell into a pattern. Kian and Arri have a strong history, and while neither of them quite forgot that they have feelings for each other, that pattern of complacency, avoidance, tiptoeing around the topic had to be broken, one way or the next.

      And really, it also showed me that the characters have grown in their own way if I could write this scene and not scrap it. Before, I’d touch at it for a while, then go “not yet!” This time, it seemed solid.

  12. Wow, this is my kind of book. Love paranormal and kick-ass heroines!

  13. “Why in the blue-fire-loving supernovas did you do that?” he choked out.

    “Because I love you, you starforsaken moron,” she said in a firm, passionate near-growl. “Because I love you and because I don’t know if after this war there will be a chance to kiss you like this. Now get out of here and kick some genetically engineered ass.”

    I think we call this “tough love”. A well-executed scene.

  14. Proach says:

    Great post, Katherine. I really enjoyed reading this excerpt.

  15. Nina Hansen says:

    Nice segment! Definitely an excellent example of character – even tho I’m jumping into the middle here, everything made sense and I got a strong sense of who the characters are!

    The humor is great. The kiss scene especially. Way to go!

  16. tavia lewis says:

    I really like that you included her thoughts. not so much that it takes me out of the progress of the scene, just enough that i feel like I’m really connected to her.

    good job!

  17. devero says:

    I love how she is a strong passionate woman who is also tough and commanding. Someone once commented about a character of mine saying that “when women beat men it does not make the woman look strong, it just makes the man look incompetent.”

    Arriella is another great example on how a woman can be strong, loving (in her own way), and can still kick butt. (She did not actually kick butt in this scene but from the way she talks, you can totally tell that she does.)

    Great character and I may just have to order the 1st book now.

    • Katherine Gilraine says:


      You know, I heard that saying. And my thought on it is, gender makes no difference. Competent is competent and if someone earns a kick in the cojones, then that’s what will happen, regardless of who the kicker is.

      I enjoy writing her. It’s interesting to take her through the paces, because at this point, rather than telling the characters’ stories, I let them do the talking, know what I mean?

      Enjoy Book 1!

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