Do forgive me, I’m having a very, very minor conniption.

The file for Book 4 had become partially whacked out with encoding, or corrupt, what have you. Luckily, I keep backups – in many, many places – and thanks to one of the backup files, I was successfully able to restore two of the whacked-out chunks. One of them, from approx. Chapter 7, is not restored.

Yarr. I’m lucky that I have a pretty solid memory of what I wrote, but I should really, really like to have my original writing back.

I hope, truly hope that it’s a side effect of opening that thing on one of my regularly used computers, which has two versions of Office – compatible, I might add – installed on it, something I’m seeking to rectify in short order. Mac/PC transitions aren’t an issue; I have Word on both and it opens well enough. It’s just an annoyance, and a cumbersome one at that.

I should tell you, though, it now makes sense why suddenly I lost a thousand words off the total count and my page count gained a hundred. One more block and I should be back to normal. If not, I can re-write out the scene easily enough.

Still, I would like my original back, if possible. Well, time to dig.


ETA: Expanded distribution is paying off! Book 2 had earned more sales. Thank you, readers!

And of course, they make great gifts. :) /end shameless plug.