The finish line is near!

Of Book 4, that is. :)

I powered through the battle scenery after a surge of inspiration and entirely too much caffeine. I am now putting together what is – no joke this time – the last necessary scene to Book 4. This will complete the NaNoWriMo entry/win of 2009 that I celebrated with Warren Hill in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and will be the official Rough Draft.

Meaning that yes, I get to go through the lovely joys of editing and the overcaffeination therein. But a rough draft is a HUGE start. And this means that I can finally begin to edit Book 3 and that I am earmarking to release by Labor Day. By then also, I hope to receive the CreateSpace code that comes with entry into ABNA – if there’s no code, that’s  just as well – and you guys will have Book 3.

And Book 4’s earmark release is my next birthday, May the 13th.

The scene I’m writing is a cathartic one for one of my characters. Having finally solved a mystery that continued to ripple out impact and effect into present day, Rena has to address the Council and offer up an explanation as to why she made some of the decision that she made.

But worry not – the series does not end at Book 4. Book 5 plotting is well underway, all suggestions and ideas are welcome.

I feel the finish line so close now… and tackle it I will.