In the “Things I Loathe” department…

Raining steam.

The expression is freshly coined after something I experienced yesterday. A summer storm, which was basically a sheet of water impossible to see through, tapered off, and created an interesting effect. I could feel the drops on my head, but not on my feet; they evaporated before hitting the ground.
Hence the term: raining steam. It’s like being in a sauna, but worse. You can step out of the sauna.

Merch shop is looking MUCH better. I put the gift items as photographic; you will see the Book 1 and Book 2 covers. Everything else has a simple-yet-versatile logo for the series. The women’s black fitted T-shirt features an image, though. I will tinker so that the color choices will look a bit better, but now we’re open for business!

Kindle edition of Book 2 has been approved and is coming soon!

Now editing and adjusting the third chapter of Book 3. Much to be said for formatting as well; I have hit on a great styleset with Book 2; the dropped paragraph with the start of a new chapter works well. So I’m plodding along and formatting as I go. It should be fun to tinker; at least I managed to deal with the pagination issues early on. Whew. I do NOT remember those days fondly, trying to get Word to obey with page numbers.

But, all is looking well. And nothing is better than cold OJ and air conditioning on a day like today!