So yes, I finally got myself a Kindle. And why I didn’t do this before, I have no idea.

The screen: Yes, it’s glare-free. My eyes are immensely, amazingly grateful.

The support: It does handle imported unencrypted PDFs. Of course, I wasted no time in importing everythng I managed to accumulate, including people’s manuscripts that I promised to read and never got the chance. Luckily, Word has a save-as-PDF featurette, which I love very much.

Oddly, while you may have a manuscript in a different language, as I do, you cannot name files in that same language. You get question marks, which – while amusing – does no good. Okay, so titles are translatable. No worries!

Transfer: As simple as a copy/paste.

Do I love it? So far yes. The screen contrast is almost indistinguishable from an ink-and-paper page, which is great. There is no glare whatsoever; the only flaw is that I can’t adjust the text size on an import PDF. If I want to alter the size, I need to actually adjust the text before I save the PDF. Not a big deal.

I’ll see how it handles itself otherwise. It’s definitely a little strange and VERY neat to suddenly be able to carry my entire bookshelf in my purse, but I had a similar impression when I first acquired an iPod.

Gotta love technology!