Back to the writing part of writing…

For a while, anyway :)

In all the music-related matters, I neglected to mention the progress I’m making on Book 3.

So far, it is – like any preliminary edit – pretty slow-going. I know the plot of the first arc inside out by now, and I find that there’s a difficulty in telling the story because of it. It’s an artifact of thought, for the lack of better words; I keep thinking, hey, they read the previous two books. They would know what’s happening in this phase of the story.

Except that it may not always be the case that the reader knows what’s happening. New inductees into the worlds of my characters can, will, and sometimes do get lost without a dose of back story. And, while I may want to write the Origins arc – and believe me, I do want to write that, I feel my hands itching to type that storyline – I want to tell this arc first. And that will take some doing, without it looking like I am abandoning the reader. It may have worked with Book 1, but as it is, now it’s a bit more involved.

And the story is telling itself rather nicely. Two separate realms are slowly, slowly coming together and if anyone wants to take a crack at revising the synopsis, as seen in the About the Series page, please – be my guest!

Now, back to work I go…