AW August Blog Chain: Pick a color – any color!

The topic du jour is… If you had to pick one color, and one color only, for an aspect of your writing, which one would it be and why?

Now, considering that I focus on color  in my story, this is a curious one for me to think about.

There have been a lot of correlations to colors and emotions in the past: hence the fact that mood rings exist. There have been many associations with color throughout the years past, and no two cultures are the same in their interpretation. Where the Chinese interpret red as a lucky color, it is a color of passion in the Pagan culture, and a color for war with the ancient Greeks. In the modern world, it’s a ‘power’ color.

In my writing, color is used to differentiate. The aura color concept has been around with the Buddhist and Pagan people for many years, but the associations remained to be defined. You may see that the black aura concept has been done before; my take on it that it is as much possible to be born evil as it is to develop that inclination. Think of it as a corollary to the nature-vs.-nurture debate in psychology. I borrowed that concept from when I spent a good month studying that exact topic, and applied it to a sci-fi/fantasy perspective.

I can’t quite pick one, you see. But if I had a choice for how to reflect my writing overall, I’d pick a dark one: cobalt blue. It’s a strong jewel tone, but looks almost black at night, and shines sapphire in good lighting. It’s multifaceted, and is viewed differently by different people.


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19 Responses to AW August Blog Chain: Pick a color – any color!

  1. semmie says:

    You wrote:
    “There have been many associations with color throughout the years past, and no two cultures are the same in their interpretation.”

    So true! As I was working through some deliberate colors in my own writing, I struggled with whether to draw from one culture or another. In the end, I tried to develop something unique to my world, cultures, and characters.

    Great choice in cobalt!

    • Katherine Gilraine says:

      Thank you! I did a lot of reading of old legends at the time I started coming up with the story. It was a LOT of cross-referencing, let me just say!

  2. alexp01 says:

    Agh, you have the same WordPress blog style that I do! Everyone’s going to think that I’m biting your style.

    Seriously, though, nice deliberation. And it it means you can work the word “cobalt” into everyday conversation, so much the better.

    • Katherine Gilraine says:

      LOL. I like the simplest possible thing for my blog. :)

      Cobalt is an oft-unused word, I think. And the shade is rather unique too.

  3. Aimee Laine says:

    I love cobalt blue! It’s got such a quality to it … that whole everyone sees the color differently thing. :)

  4. freshhell says:

    I discovered this as well while researching colors for my post. I almost twisted myself into knots trying to decide which colors/humors/elements my characters are.

    • Katherine Gilraine says:

      Indeed! When I was first writing, I knew I wanted auras…but then how to associate them? Then I figured that the cultural associations should be taken into account as well. There was a lot of coffee-slugging…

  5. David Zahir says:

    Nice choice! I’ve a tiny bet with myself about how many nuances of color AW bloggers will come up with. Yours is just lovely. I’m jealous.

  6. Sonya Clark says:

    Your description of cobalt blue is gorgeous! Great choice.

  7. Danielle says:

    Cobalt is lovely, especially when the shades are varied.

  8. bettedra says:

    Ooh, good one! It’s one of those colors that radiates depth and significance. Nice choice.

  9. Claire Gillian says:

    I like the bit about auras and characters, especially the black aura’d villains–some being naturally born that way. Interesting perspective.

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  11. I find it fascinating that I see a connection between the color interpretations of different cultures. You said, “Where the Chinese interpret red as a lucky color, it is a color of passion in the Pagan culture, and a color for war with the ancient Greeks. In the modern world, it’s a ‘power’ color.”

    If you consider red from the chakra perspective it is the “base chakra”. This chakra defines passion and sex. It is base instinct and so it stands to reason that it also drives war. After all, war tends to revolve highly around passion because it is such an intense and emotional act. It’s considered earthy and materialistic which is where it’s sense of “luck” is based. And again, the passion is what gives the color it’s power sense in modern interpretations because it is through passion that we forge action.

    I love how you connected with cobalt blue. A strong, rich color. Blue is associated with openness and exploration. The darkness in the cobalt indicates a richness and depth. It’s the darkness of black fractured with a burst of light.

    When I consider your comment about having a black aura for having been “born evil” I can picture your cobalt blue as desperately trying to be something other than defined by birth. Born black, but deep in the core there is a burst of light trying to escape.

    • Katherine Gilraine says:

      Now that is interesting. I’ve not thought much about the chakra perspective when I was contemplating character auras, but you are certainly correct.

      I always loved deep colors, jewel tones particularly. Cobalt blue speaks of a certain tangibility. It can be anything, but keeps to its rich original tone.

  12. ForgeAus says:

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    ’nuff said!

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