In Tech Things and Wanderings

Today I went to J&R to see Euge Groove demonstrate Beamz Interactive, which is – no joke – one of the coolest pieces of technology that I’ve seen to date. It looks like a plastic/electronic version of Poseidon’s tripod, and in reality is a photocell-and-laser activated play-along/DJ system. Euge demonstrated it by breaking down his own tracks on a demo computer, and demonstrated how to work the various composite pieces of the track by hand movements. A flick of the finger will activate a single instrument track and keeping it there keeps the track playing, a swipe will turn that track on or completely off, and it has every possibility of being used akin to a DJ turntable.

My inner geek was happy like you wouldn’t believe. Seriously, wow.

Now, I had a day off yesterday, and did what I always do: get to walking!

I was originally going to head out to Philadelphia to hang with my ladies and see Boney James, but I was recovering from a case of pinkeye. Of all the times for me to get pinkeye, that had to be the absolute worst. Moreover, why now? I wore contact lenses for seven years without any issues whatsoever and now – hello, good morning. I’m grateful to whoever invented organic and antibiotic eyedrops.

But I digress.

My walk took me to Long Beach, the part of Long Island I love the most thanks to its 4-mile-long boardwalk, clean beach, and cheap-but-awesome diners. Two hours of baking in the sun and doing a full walking round on the boardwalk is my idea of heaven. And by the by, the shape-ups? They work. I felt like I did those two hours on the Stairmaster.

After this, I stopped by Queens to do some more walking there. That lasted two more hours, after which I hunkered down and buried my nose in the Kindle…and when I got up, I realized that having a facsimile of four hours on a piece of cardio equipment is not at all a good idea.

Whoops. Overkill.

No worries, though, because despite the aftereffects, it was truly a lovely Day Off. I got to decompress and relax, catch some sunlight, hear music, hang with friends, and generally relax. This doesn’t happen often.

In better news, because of the season, I can think of a few gorgeous NY neighborhoods (an *ahem* to a reader of this blog, you know who you are!!) that look stunning with the foliage turning colors. Before I go a-cruising, I will go a-photographing. :)

Wanderingly yours,