AW September Blog Chain: Seasons

And it’s that time again! Another delightful blog chain topic from the people of AbsoluteWrite.

The topic is: what season inspires you the most?

And a curious question this happens to be.

I wrote earlier about the changes of seasons, how it’s now possible to feel autumn chill even before the seasons change “officially” – and truthfully, that’s my real time to be out and about. I love the crisp coolness in the air, the foliage, the fact that it’s just that in-between season: cooler than the roast of the summer, but warmer than winter chill.

But, truthfully, what inspires me the most is the winter chill.

Think on it. The storm’s roaring outside, it’s cold enough that the windchill gets into the lungs – which I utterly loathe, I can do dry winters, but not this! – so what is left to do to keep warm but brew a nice ol’ English tea, slip into comfortable pajamas and turn on some music for inspiration? At least, that is what I do. And, of course, I get inspired from music regardless, but this time, I cannot be tempted into going outside…unless I am a masochist and feel like getting bronchitis. Which, um, I’m not.

This is where a lot of plotting and editing happens for me. I delve into the prior books to get my handle on the Department of Back Story, and then I get into the current nuance whirling around in my head. A couple of sips of the ye olde English tea, or a nice strong coffee, and the scene is readily percolating in my head. I call a friend of mine to bounce off some dialogue ideas, and this is how my books happen. All while the snow is pounding the windowpanes.

And then, of course, there are the walks.

You may not know this about me, but I love snowstorms. I love it when the snow is everywhere, especially if it’s the dry sort that doesn’t stick to everything or crusts over with ice. I love the crisp of it under my boots when I walk, I love the way it weighs down the leafless skeletons of trees around the streets. It’s calming, in its own particular way. I especially love walks like these after a day at work. I simply want nothing more than to feel the cold air on my face; it zones me out in almost the same way that music does.

And speaking of writing, I’m waaay overdue to finish the edit of Book 3 Chapter 4. Like, really overdue…

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25 thoughts on “AW September Blog Chain: Seasons

  1. I know what you mean about the seasons. Winter is my favorite, too, and I love a good rainstorm. I wish there was snow here, but since I don’t want to actually shovel it, I guess we’ll stick to visits in the winter.

  2. i hate winter, i don’t do well in the cold. i;m more of a summer heat person. only thing about winter for me, is coffee, and plenty of it!. or, hot teas, or hot chocolates. other than that, i hate having to dress in layers, and freezing your ass off. i would rather be somewhere nice and tropical all winter. i hate shoveling snow, walking in snow, driving in it, and i hate all the airplane delays because of snow. give me the heat any time. i get more inspiration in summer, as i can sit on a beach, and watch the sun go down

  3. I’m with you on the “writing with a cup of tea” part. I do that a lot in winter too. I have to say that you lost me at snowstorm though. *laughs*
    I hate having to go to work in a snowstorm. It happens way too many time a winter for my taste.

  4. Kat, I love a good snowstorm, too! It’s a good thing, since I live in Northern Michigan. ;) And you’re absolutely right about the inspiring combination of winter, tea, and music!

    Great post!

    1. Almost indeed! I love them too, but…good gravy, ice-skating in boots on crusted-over ice is NO picnic.

  5. Summer for me. Fall has its moments but I’ll give you winter. You paint a lovely picture and, if I didn’t have a house full of children, I’d probably enjoy winter a whole lot more. :)

  6. “I simply want nothing more than to feel the cold air on my face; it zones me out in almost the same way that music does.” I love that, though I’d take the three months of winter someone was lamenting. Try six and then tell me three doesn’t feel great.

    1. if I had six months of winter, I’d go stark raving nuts. I love my chilly evenings, I love my snowy walks…but if I had that for six months, screw it – toss me to Florida!

      I look forward to this winter, though. The air already started cooling off around here in NY, and I am expecting it to be a dry, cool winter. I am preparing my walking boots :)

  7. I usually don’t like the winter but you presented a compelling argument for its appreciation. I look forward to my first winter as a writer.

  8. Great post. You painted a lovely picture of some of the best things about winter. I always enjoy the season until around late February, early March. Then I’m ready for it to move on.

  9. I agree with you winter is conducive to the writing process. I love storms, and enjoy snuggling inside during winter but I don’t do particularly well in the cold.

  10. Writing in the winter certainly does help with being able to just sit down and write! Currently it seems that I have no time…so I just bide my time for when winter starts to blow cold and chilly around the house, and I know that I’ll get more done then!

  11. I love winter too! Of course, it’s not as cold as your winter here which is part of why I like it. In Australia, the winter is cool and wet. The skies are overcast and it’s the perfect weather for hot breakfasts and plenty of snuggly blankets. Australian summers get VERY hot and we appreciate the rain because the country experiences a great deal of drought.

    I love picturing your colder, snowed-in winter. I can’t quite imagine it (having never experienced snow) but I love trying to. :-)

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